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AGM Keyboard NAIC & All Around Champions

AGM NTL Vocal Champion

Kids on the Keys - Paris, France

American Guild NTL Age Champion

Darien Chamber of Commerce

Business Excellence & Customer Service Awards

Whether you want to play just for fun, to entertain your friends, or are pursuing full classical training we want to bring each student to their fullest potential.  We at The Keyboard Touch have a full range of professional teachers that can accommodate any musical style on a variety of instruments.

Our mission is to develop each students full potential in their musical adventure. We offer the experience to provide the necessary musical and technical skills to achieve this goal and to develop a love of music through fun and creative methods that will last them a lifetime of playing and enjoying music.

The Keyboard Touch has over 40 years of teaching experience. For the last 30 years we have been creating and promoting methods for teaching young children, starting at age three, to learn how to read music, compose and play a keyboard instrument. Our students have performed and competed nationally and internationally in over ten countries winning top awards. Our teachers are not only highly qualified educators, but also highly sought out performers by the music industry.  ​

Whether your child wants to study music for enjoyment or pursue a musical passion,

then The Keyboard Touch is for you!

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​"Keyboard Touch has brought out talent and confidence in my 6 year old. The teachers guide children and make piano fun. My son loves to practice and really looks forward to piano lessons and recitals." Donna Kiel - son Joseph age 6.


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