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Why should I choose The Keyboard Touch ?

Our program has been designed by experts with over 35 years of teaching experience in the field of music and musicians who are first-class performers. Their knowledge ensures that you have a fun and positive experience in the music making process. Our experience assures quality teaching for ages 3 - 93 of any level. We offer a variety of programs for a wide range of musical study from popular to classical.

Each child learns differently. We at the Keyboard Touch recognize these differences and employ methods that reach a greater majority of children than other programs. Age appropriate material is utilized to help the student learn at their highest potential. As students quickly progress we provide them with opportunities in which to share their music through social performances or higher level music competitions.

Students look forward to attending classes and enjoy playing at home with family while taking pride in sharing their music with others, but what's most important is that they have fun learning and playing music! We offer students a wide variety of performance opportunites from informal performances to National and International competitions.

Parents are constantly amazed at how quickly their children learn how to play and instrument. Children as young as three years of age are reading notes and playing music starting in the first lesson at the piano or keyboard. Technique is taught early so that children learn the proper form in which to play an instrument, while theory is taught so children have the musical tools to create their own music.

What is the difference between in-home lessons and lessons in a music studio?

While in-home lessons may seem like the easiest and most convenient way to take lessons, a private music studio has many more advantages. Studio lessons offer opportunities for students to work on more advanced instruments such as concert grand pianos, digital keyboards, sequenced keyboards and ensembles. This experience enhances the music learning process and expands their musical knowledge. In a studio there is no "waiting until next week" to get newer music and also no outside home distractions during a lesson making sure your child gets the best musical experience in a lesson.

Is my child too young to learn a keyboard instrument at age 3?

Many teachers start children in formal piano at age 7 using traditional methods. Our innovative program uses methods that are age related tht help children enjoy the process of learning while maintaining their focus and attention on the concepts learned. Students learn to read and compose music while they are playing the instrument. 

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