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Lori Graves'

Keyboard Touch


Premier music education center since 1994

Tuition and Payments

Payment options for Children's Curriculum (Private Classes):

1. Cash/Pay in Full 2. Check/Pay in Full

Tuition Fee: Due before the first of the month, before the lesson begins. 

Student Materials: Based on method used for each child.

Withdrawal/Refund Policy/ Charging Policy

Non-attendance is not considered a withdrawal. Fees and materials are non-refundable. Refunds will be given in cases of insuffient enrollment that results in the cancellation of a class.

Withdrawal 30business day in written request by parent must be acknoledged by The Keyboard Touch prior to the the start of a semester for a full tuition refund.

Otherwise, there will be no refund. No exceptions. Paid books/materials are forfeited/non-refundable and only released to participating students with paid tuition.

Missed Lessons

Homework assignments available via e-mail. All missed lessons because of teacher absence or weather-related school closing will be made up.

School Cancellation/Closing Policy/Holiday Break

Please call the school to verify the status of classes during times of inclement weather or other emergencies. Note that the school does not necessarily follow the weather cancellation decisions or scheduled breaks of the local public schools.


I understand that all students may be photographed and video recorded while at the studio or in performance and understand that these pictures/videos may be used in flyers, advertisements, school website or social network sites without compensation. I give The Keyboard Touch full permission to use them.


The signer understands and agrees to the above policy and accepts responsibility of all charges and fees towards the entire FULL semester and any other fees that may be incurred. This agreement must be signed before start of students first semester.

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Please Print Name Signature Date

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